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Nexus Surgical Associates is a General Surgical group practice. As a team, Nexus Surgical is able to harness the strengths of different surgeons, and hence provide a comprehensive surgical service, encompassing the entire spectrum of sub-specialties within the discipline of General Surgery.

Our doctors are experienced surgeons with expertise in diagnosing and treating general and complex surgical conditions. With a comprehensive surgical team, we are able to provide seamless and coordinated care for our patients.

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We practice evidence-based medicine, and utilize new equipment and technologies to deliver quality care to our patients. With modern surgical techniques and minimally invasive surgery, we seek to optimize the well-being of our patients.

Our Story

With a common goal and vision, a group of surgeons formed Nexus Surgical Associates in 2010. Our group aims to ensure the best medical outcome for all our patients and to optimize the operative care and safety of each patient. Nexus Surgical Associates focuses on diagnosing and treating general and complex surgical conditions, with emphasis on state-of-the-art surgical treatments and minimally invasive surgery.

Nexus Surgical Associates comprises of a well-trained team of surgeons, utilizing new equipment and technology to deliver safe operative procedures and optimize the care of every patient. We are a comprehensive surgical team that provides seamless and coordinated surgical care.

Nexus Surgical Associates offers digestive surgery, minimally invasive surgery, endoscopic surgery, vascular surgery, oncologic surgery, bariatric surgery, endocrine surgery, hernia surgery and general surgical procedures. All patients will be diagnosed and counseled by our experienced surgeons. Risks and benefits, as well as alternatives of treatments will be explained to our patients.

Our Vision and Mission

The mission of Nexus Surgical Associates is to provide the highest standard and quality of surgical and oncologic care to our patients. Capitalizing on teamwork, Nexus Surgical Associates aims to advance the practice of surgery, excel in efficiency, effectiveness and value for money surgical treatment. Nexus Surgical Associates is committed to provide medical services that will exceed the expectations of our patients.

Our Specialty Centres

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