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centres Cancer

Cancer Centre

Nexus Surgical Cancer Centre takes a multidisciplinary team approach to providing the best possible diagnosis, customized treatment, and palliative care for our patients.

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centres Digestive

Digestive Disease Centre

Nexus Surgical Digestive Disease Clinic (DDC). The Nexus Surgical DDC is comprised of surgeons who are specially trained to diagnose and treat gastro-intestinal (GI) disorders.

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centres Laparoscopic

Laparoscopic MIS Centre

A team of trained laparoscopic surgeons, with different subspecialty interests and skill sets, but with one common objective, to ensure best outcomes for our patients. 

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centres WeightLoss  

Weight Loss Centre


A one-stop specialist centre for all your weight-loss solutions. 

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centres Vascular  

Vascular & Vein Centre

A comprehensive vascular and vein service which takes a holistic approach to solving your vascular problem.

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