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Soft tissue tumours in the retroperitoneum, e.g. liposarcoma and lipomyosarcoma are often massive. An operation to remove the entire tumour en bloc is called tumourectomy.

In soft tissue cancer operation, the aim of the operation is to remove the entire cancer together with a rim of normal tissue surrounding the tumour. Very often, surgery for these cancers offers the best chance of “cure” when the tumour can be removed completely.

In order to achieve complete resection, neighbouring organs or structures may have to be removed along with the tumour. The size, site and stage of soft tissue cancers are factors influencing the success of this operation. Giant soft tissue tumours in the abdomen usually involve vital organs. These tumours are technically challenging and treatment strategy using chemotherapy and radiation therapy to downsize these tumours may be necessary before the operation.

Depending on the extent of the cancer and the need to sacrifice part of, or an entire internal organ, such as the kidneys or bowel, the risks vary. You surgeon will discuss the risks and complication with you in detail before the surgery.


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