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Thank you for your interest in Direct Access Endoscopy. DIRect Access enDoscopy, or DIRAD for short, is an initiative by Nexus Surgical Digestive Disease Centre which allows you, our GP partner, to have direct access to Endoscopy services. Through DIRAD, you can schedule an endoscopic examination for your own patient at an early and convenient date of your choice.

Scheduling Process

We have simplified the booking process so that you can obtain an endoscopy appointment for your patient with minimal hassle. All you have to do is to fill up the “DIRAD Request Form”, and hand the form to your clinic staff. Your clinic staff can then contact our nurses at this number 62358633. They will need to fax the form to us as well. Our fax number is 62355675.

Our nurses will then do the rest. This includes getting the appointment as well as patient counselling with regards to the procedure as well as bowel preparation if that is required. Financial counselling will also be given.

On the day of the examination, your patient would be asked to go straight to the endoscopy centre of his/her choice. Our surgeons will conduct a brief review of your patient to ensure that he/she is fine. Our surgeons will also take an informed consent from your patient before proceeding with the endoscopic examination.

The main objective is to ensure that your patient will enjoy a convenient and pleasant endoscopic experience.

Follow up

We will send you a report of your patient’s endoscopic findings following the procedure. Our doctors may call you as well to discuss the findings. Therefore, please give us your clinic’s address and phone number. If you have an email address, we would love to have it too.Your patient will be asked to return to you for a review within 7 days after the procedure.

Points to note

A) Contraindications
Patients with the following conditions are not suitable for DIRAD:

  • Medically unfit
  • Renal impairment or prone to dehydration
  • Uncontrolled hypertension
  • Unstable angina
  • Severe pulmonary disease
  • Confirmed or suspected atlanto-axial instability – Neck X-rays should be done prior to OGD for neck clearance

B) Bowel preparation for Colonoscopy
Please prescribe 2 sachets of Fortrans® and 4 tablets of Bisacodyl (5mg) for your patients for whom you had requested for a colonoscopy. Our nurses will contact your patient to instruct them on how to take these drugs. If you do not carry these drugs in your pharmacy, we will send the drugs to your patient by post.




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