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The groin includes the upper inner part of the thigh as well as the area at the front of the body where the thigh meets the trunk. Common causes of lumps in this area include:

  1. hernias (inguinal hernia, femoral hernia)
  2. lymph node swellings
  3. lipoma
  4. sebaceous cysts
  5. dilatation of a vein (saphena varix)
  6. abnormal expansion of an artery (aneurysm)
  7. deep seated infection of the trunk tracking down to the groin (psoas abscess)
  8. undescended testis
  9. cancer arising from the underlying bone or deep tissues

Medical advice should be sought whenever a lump is noticed, especially if:

  1. lump does not change in size according to the position of the body (i.e. whilst standing and lying down)
  2. painful lump
  3. lump is associated with lumps or ulcers found elsewhere in the body
  4. lump is noted to be pulsating

Most of such lumps are due to hernias, for which the treatment is surgery. The treatment for other lumps will depend on the diagnosis.


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