We had an overwhelming response when we conducted a public forum in March 2013. This public forum was held in support of the Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month.

Titled "如何战胜结肠直肠癌" (or "winning the fight against colorectal cancer" when translated into English), this talk in mandarin had a sold-out crowd.

As such, we have decided to put up the video recordings of our lectures so that those of you whom had missed the public forum can still watch our talk from the comfort of your home.

We hope that you will find these recordings helpful.

如何预防结肠直肠癌 (how to prevent colorectal cancer) - Speaker: Dr Lim Khong Hee


结肠直肠癌 - 现代的治疗方式 (modern-day treatment options of colorectal cancer) - Speaker: Dr Jane Tan


第四期结肠直肠癌 - 希望仍旧存在 (there is still hope for stage 4 colon cancer) - Speaker: Dr Ho Choon Kiat


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